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Exam Results Summer 2016 - Best Ever!

 students on exam results day

These are an amazing set of results and a massive improvement on last year.  The best in the school’s history by far.  We are so proud of all of our students and their success. 82% got a C+ in maths and 82% got the pass standard & above in English. Overall 78% of students got a C+ in maths and English. In the new performance measures Progress was positive and in the old performance measures the students gained a phenomenal 75% 5 A- C with maths and English. There was a big improvement on getting the higher A and A* grades. There are so many fantastic stories but some students deserving of special mention are Timmy Hawes who got 8 A*s & 2 As, Jess Campion who got 7 A*s & 3 As, Ethan Roberts who got 6 A*s & 5 As and Tom Jones who got 6 A*s and 4 As.  Well done to the class of 2016 and their dedicated and hardworking staff. These results show what our students are really capable of and represent a great platform for the future success of the school.


students on exam results day





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